Hussein Khoury: Dubai surprised the world

Hussain Abdullah Khoury, head of the Abu Dhabi Chess Club, confirmed that Dubai surprised the world by hosting the World Championship between the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, "the defending champion", and the Russian Federation's Yann Nepomnyachy, from November 24 to December 16, during the "Expo 2020", to bring back to memory It hosted the 1986 Chess Olympiad, thus preserving the historical legacy of the Arabs who transferred the game of smart people to Europe via Spain after the conquest of Andalusia.

He said: Hosting the World Championship and the Dubai International Championship makes the eyes of all the chess family in the world turn to "Expo 2020", which makes these two events a great momentum around the world, and that "Dana Al Dunya" hosting this event is an appreciation from the world for the UAE and Dubai, and great confidence that Dubai Chess Club will provide a wonderful organization that will astonish the world for these two chess events, despite the circumstances of the “Corona” pandemic, and we at Abu Dhabi Chess have close cooperation with our brothers in Dubai Club.

Al-Khoury added: Hosting the World Championship gives us great support as chessmen in the country, and contributes to shedding light on the greater game, and the greatest gain will be that the whole world will follow the event, which contributes positively to the promotion of sports tourism in “Expo 2020”, which represents a demonstration Economic, technological, sports and cultural.