There was aspiration among those interested that the Abu Dhabi Chess and Culture Club (with its old name at the time), with its launch in 1979, would be the centerpiece of chess sport in the United Arab Emirates and would dedicate a distinct space for it regionally, Arably and internationally. The club has deepened the chess concept among the youth of the country and residents and spread this concept to attract in a remarkable way hundreds of members to the club, who have all the capabilities and facilities of training through the provision of qualified technical training teams that drew their experience from world-renowned levels, in addition to providing practical training through the camps The local activities and the regional and international championships, which were rightfully considered a fertile and rich field for giving, gave us many Emiratis with international titles and titles.

Since the club was officially announced in 1981 by the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, it has been urging the pace in organization, training and various participations in order to prove the presence of the Emirates in chess and even its superiority in its various tournaments at the global, Asian and Arab levels, most notably the club’s player Rawda Issa Al-Sarkal winning the World Championship for the 8-year category and to be The first Arab girl to win this title at the level of chess, and the club's player, Omran Ahmed Al Hosani, won the Asian Youth Championship.

Thus, the aspirations of the club upon its founding were realized with these distinguished results, in addition to the club’s organization of several international events in the field of chess, which drew attention and pointed out the tireless efforts made by the club’s officials in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates in order to implement the policy of regional and global expansion. And the consolidation of the state’s position in the various levels of this cultural sport, most notably the Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival as a global event that attracts the game’s stars from different countries of the world. With these distinguished results, a chess sport that is proud of through the various activities that it organizes locally or those international events and festivals inside or outside the UAE in picture